Are you a cool Asian or a school Asian?
  • Becca: What I don't know is, are you a cool Asian or a school Asian?
  • Ming: [shrugs]
  • Becca: What are your PSAT scores?
  • Ming: 120.
  • Becca: Low. You're not a school Asian. Have you ever spring break-ed in Cabo, downed Adderall, or had an affair with the lead singer of an indie rock band?
  • Ming: [shakes head]
  • Becca: Not a cool Asian either.
  • Ming: So what am I?
  • Becca: You're white.
Saturday Jul 7 @ 03:43pm
Saturday Jul 7 @ 03:43pm

I find it really offensive when people say that the emotional experiences of teenagers are less real or less important than those of adults.

I am an adult, and I used to be a teenager, and so I can tell you with some authority that my feelings then were as real as my feelings are now.

John Green Sunday Jun 6 @ 12:17am

#Onlygirlatmyschoolthatdoesn’tgotothegym #what

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We’re not talking about this

or this

we’re talking about this

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Oh, thoughts on French Oral:

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Thursday May 5 @ 11:52pm

The only reason I am staying up to do this English Project is because I appreciate Mr. Moore so much and would be sincerely upset to let him down.

Thursday May 5 @ 11:38pm

Thursday May 5 @ 10:33pm


“it’s them” the home depot employees whisper as the hipster bloggers grab paint swatches to write inspirational quotes on

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